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The following organizations have signed resolutions of support for making Michigan a Freedom to Work state:
10th Congressional District Republican Committee 
Allegan County Board of Commissioners
Allegan County Tea Party 
American Family Association - Michigan - Gary Glenn 
Ann Arbor Patriots - Bill Bigler, Chair 
Antrim County Republican Party
Blue Water Tea Party Patriots, Port Huron, MI 
Bobby Cox - Manufacturer (Acorn Stamping, Oxford, MI) 
Brian Drzewiecki, B-J Industries, Inc. 
Brian Koss (ACT-PAC) Steve Mobley
Brian Pennebecker, Senate Staff 
Brian Sommerfield, CPA - Radio Exec. 
Calhoun Co. GOP Chair Melinda Day
Calhoun County Tea Party - Steve France, Chair 
Central Macomb Tea Party - Craig Hartsig, Chair 
Cheboygan County Republican Party
Cheboygan Tea Party - Stephanie Jacobson, Chair
Cheyboygan County Republican Party 
David Littman, Economist, Mackinac Center 
Delta County Republican Executive Committee 
Delta County Republican Party
Denise Magewick Scholtz - 15th Dist GOP Secretary 
Dickinson County GOP Executive Committee 
Dickinson County Republican Party
Douglas Sedenquist, Escanaba former Teamster 
F. Vincent Vernuccio, Esq. - Competitive Enterprise Institute 
Fenton Tea Party - Paul Hales, Chair 
Frank R. Venuto, Esq. 
Grand Rapids Central Tea Party - Chris Jurrians, Chair 
Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners
Grand Traverse County Commission - Jason  
Grand Traverse County Republican Party 
Houghton County Republican Party
Independence Tea Party Don Jakel - iCaucus State Director 
Independence Tea Party, Clarkston, MI 
Jack Hoogendyk - Center Right Coalition
Jackson County GOP 
Jay McNally, Ground Game Strategies
Kalamazoo County GOP
Ken Matteyo, Senate Staff 
Lapeer County Board of Commissioners
Lapeer County GOP 
Lapeer County Tea Party Patriots 
Larry Bass, Southwest Michigan Tea Party 
Lenaway County 912 
Mark A. Mix, National Right To Work  
MEDEFCO - Terry Davis, III, Board Member 
Metropolitan Detroit Freedom Coalition - John Daniele, Board Member 
Michael Bishop, Senate Majority Leader, Retired 
Michigan Conservative Plan - Norm Hughes, chair, Kelly Estrada, Treasurer 
Michigan Conservative Union 
Newago County Tea Party - Andrea Blachford, Board Member 
North Oakland Tea Party Patriots - Ron Estrada, Chair 
Northern Michigan Patriots - Randy Bishop, Chair 
Onaway Tea Party - Cindy Minor, Member 
Paul Kersey, Esq. - Mackinac Center For Public Policy 
Paulette M. Metoyer M.D. - Ann Arbor GOP 
Petoskey TEA Party
Presque Isle County Republican Party
Robert J Guysky - Sharon Twp. 
Ron Babin - FAIR State Committee 
Schoolcraft County Republican Party
Small Business Association of Michigan 
Southwest Michigan Tea Party Patriots 
Stand Up & Speak Out TEA Party
Sterling Heights/Utica Republican Club
Tea Party Alpena Leader Bob Lamb 
Tea Party of West Michigan - Tina DuPont, Chair 
The Frederick Douglass Foundation of Michigan, Stacy W. Swimp, President 
Timothy L. Austin, Pres., A&H Lawn Service, Inc. 
Tony DeMott - Campaign For Liberty State Co-director 
Traverse City TEA Party Patriots
Tri-City 912 
Tri-City Tea Party 
Troy Tea Party
Union Conservatives - Terry Bowman 
West Michigan Policy Council 
Western Washtenaw Tea Party 
Willow Run Tea Party - Dennis Moore, Chair