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It's Always Sunny in Right-to-work States

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"...Talk about grasping at straws. With all due respect to the Dakotas, Idaho, Michigan, and Indiana, we don’t think companies are moving to those right-to-work states to work on their tans. Although the facts show that right-to-work laws are beneficial, Democrats are worried that their perennial labor piggy bank will vanish. But going right-to-work does not mean that unions will disappear: In fact, Oklahoma actually gained union members in the past year despite a brutal for nationwide membership trend.

The difference is that in right-to-work states, unions need to earn the trust of their members by actually helping them out. Compare that to the postal unions, who would rather keep collecting dues of more members today and pass the buck on those employees’ pension plans. When the employees’ interest is not at heart, as was the case at Hostess, a lot of people wind up being out of work and far worse off." Read full post here.