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Freedom To Work states enjoy increased real personal Income growth,

Population growth and Employment growth

 MEA members can option out all year now

(Teachers can give themselves a 2% raise)

UAW Members Can Option Out using Beck Rights,

or can leave the union with the new Contracts

Union bosses vetted legislative candidates by asking for a commitment to remove the laws that were passed December 11, 2012 and went into effect March, 2013. After their recall of a state representative in a south Genesee County seat was replaced by an even more conservative representative, at a huge cost, their tactic turned from recalls to the next elections. They failed in November, 2014 as legislators and the Governo who supported Freedom To Wok were e-elected and new supportes won seats. 

Prevailing wage laws cost Michigan taxpayers about $400 MILLION A YEAR. In increased school construction costs alone, taxpayers are being over-charged $224 Million a year. You can help as a volunteer here:

Prevailing Wage information is available here: www.prevailingwagetruth,com

The over-charge equates to about $ 2.24 Billion over the last decade – enough to pay for 317 new elementary schools, as if we needed them with decreasing student population.

“Freedom To Work states enjoy increased real personal income growth, population growth and employment growth…a Competitive Enterprise Institute study. Authors Richard Vedder and Jonathon Robe control for a variety of factors that impact state economic growth. They then compare the performance of FTW states and non-FTW states from 1977 to 2012. A chief finding is “that the overall effect of a RTW law is to increase economic growth rates by 11.5 percentage points.”

Vedder and Robe also analyzed FTW laws' impact on per-capita income. They estimate how much non-RTW states lost in potential income from 1977 to 2012. The median was $3,278 per capita, or about $13,000 annually for a family of four.  Michigan suffered the 6th largest state income loss ($34.2 billion) and was 10th in per capita income loss ($3,460)” before our labor freedom laws passed.

The study highlights some additional statistics that suggest RTW laws have a positive impact on economic growth. For instance, real personal income in RTW states grew by 165 percent from 1977 to 2012, but only by 99 percent in states without such laws. Measured by per-capita income, states with RTW laws grew by 65 percent, whereas non-RTW states grew by only 50 percent.”

      Edited excerpts from New Evidence: Right-to-Work Laws Work By Michael Van Beek | July 24, 2014

As Abe Lincoln said, you change public policy be changing public opinion. Michigan Freedom To Work has been on the forefront of educating the public and changing public opinion, so much so that the political climate overwhelmingly defeated the Union Boss Proposal 2 at the ballot in 2012 and the public and our supporters demanded the Governor and legislature take action.

We must continue to study the impacts, report and educate the results of positive impacts from labor freedom. We have an education program in the workplaces with a flier we must continue to get out. It has a hotline number for workers being intimidated or being given difficulty by union agents or co-workers who are over-zealous bullies on this issue.

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